Multi-layered Search Engine for Scholarly Literature

Q-Sensei Scholar ( is a free web-based service to easily find information and drill-down details on over 55 million books and scholarly articles from the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, arXiv, IngentaConnect, and Research Papers in Economics (RePEC).

This service is Q-Sensei's proof of concept and first product for its multi-dimensional search platform. Built with researchers, knowledge workers and librarians in mind, Q-Sensei Scholar provides a convenient, single access search engine to the top five scholarly catalogues for literature, science, medicine and mathematics.

Multi-dimensional search for research speed and efficiency. Unique to Q-Sensei Scholar is its multi-dimensional search and indexing function to help researchers easily narrow their search when exploring for relevant research papers, sources and authors. When typing in a search query, Q-Sensei Scholar presents the list of matching query results as well as a dynamic index of filters organizing the search results along the following "attributes" or categories - Type, Keyword, Year, Author, Journal, Publisher, Language, and Source.

For example, doing a search on "Hemingway" will present 2,507 selections. To facilitate the drill-down process to find personally-relevant books and research articles, Q-Sensei has pre-sorted the 2,507 selections by the above-mentioned attributes into dynamic, clickable filters. (Ex: The Author column displays filters for "Hemingway, Ernest", "Hemingway, Harry", "Hemingway, Janet", etc. Narrow the search results quickly and easily by selecting a multiple combination of these filters. With each selection to narrow your search, Q-Sensei dynamically re-calibrates the filters on the fly, presenting the latest breakdown of the search results each step of the way.

Detailed pages - a world of discovery. To further facilitate the research experience, detailed pages for each and every book and scholarly article presents bibliographic detail, research and watch tools, related items for further discovery, and even federated links to booksellers where the book or article can be purchased.

Researching for information has never been so easy.

About Q-Sensei: Q-Sensei is a new and powerful approach to search navigation which addresses the increasing volumes of structured and unstructured information on the Internet, in businesses networks (Intranets), on private computers, personal databases and hand-held devices. With Q-Sensei, users can quickly find - and discover - the relevant "needles" in the endless "haystacks" of data through its powerful multi-dimensional searching and indexing engine. Based on it's technologies Q-Sensei provides the following products and applications: Q-Sensei Enterprise (Awards: Initiative Mittelstand - 2012 Innovationspreis IT (IT Innovation Award), Knowledge Management category; IDC - Innovative Business Analytics Companies Under $100 Million to Watch, 2011 (Collaborative Decision Management category); Frost & Sullivan - North American Enterprise Search New Product Innovation Award, 2011), FeedBooster and Q-Sensei Scholar. Q-Sensei Corp. was formed in 2007 as a Delaware corporation out of a merger of the German-based social knowledge network Lalisio and the American search specialist QUASM.