For Your Website: Q-Sensei Widgets

A widget is essentially a small application, which you can add to your webpage. The widget, once uploaded, updates itself automatically and operates independently from the rest of the website. This enables your users to enjoy third-party features and content directly on your webpage. Simply put, using widgets is a quick and easy way of adding useful tools to your website, making it more diverse and multifunctional.

Q-Sensei widgets allow you to quickly and easily include the useful features of the Q-Sensei Search Engine directly into a website. Our widgets support a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, iGoogle, Worpress or Start choosing and uploading your widget now!

1. High Quality Content for Your Website

Search Results Widget Registered users can save an unlimited number of searches and recall them at any time. You can use this widget to provide users on your website with the most current search results on any given topic. Q-Sensei will keep your website's widget up-to-date by always showing the latest search results.

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2. Your Personal Watch List Widget

Watch List Widget A Q-Sensei account allows you to create as many Watch Lists as you like and save your favorite items in them. Use this widget to display your favorite Watch Lists on your personal website. Any changes that you make in your watch list on Q-Sensei will automatically appear on your website. This will help your users to stay in the know about a certain topic or author.

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3. Basic Search Field

Search Field Widget Looking for a new feature to offer on your website? If you think that your site's users could benefit from our search engine, we've got just the right thing for you! This widget allows users on your website to start a Q-Sensei search easily and quickly.

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Please tell us, how you like our first set of widgets and if you would like us to develop more...