Qatar : a modern history

Allen J. Fromherz.
Year 2017
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What role does Qatar play in the Middle East and how does it differ from the other Gulf states? How has the ruling Al-Thani family shaped the history of modern Qatar from a traditional tribal society and British protectorate to a modern state? How has Qatar's economy, which was once based on pearling and fishing, become an economic superpower with one of the highest per capita gross domestic products in the world? Qatar plays a crucial part in the Middle East today. With the second greatest natural gas resources in the region, Qatar's economic clout is considerable. Allen Fromherz presents a rich and full portrait that analyses Qatar's growing regional influence within a broader historical context. Drawing on original sources in Arabic, English and French, as well as his own research in the Middle East, Fromherz offers a multi-faceted picture of the political, cultural, religious, social and economic make-up of modern Qatar and its significance within the GCC states and the wider region. This paperback edition has been updated to include discussion of the royal succession from father Hamad bin Khalifa to son Tamim, new developments in Qatar's foreign policy related to turmoil in the Middle East, and a brief update about preparations for the controversial 2022 World Cup.


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Qatar : a modern history
Allen J. Fromherz.
Fromherz, Allen James
Updated edition.
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Al-Thani rulers and princes -- Maps of the Persian Gulf and Qatar -- Qatar : a new model of modernity? -- Qatar : geography of a near frontier -- The origins of Qatar : between 'emergence' and 'creation' -- Creating social realities : Qatar and the British in the twentieth century -- Sheikh Khalifa and the enigma of independence -- Sheikh Hamad and the future of Qatar -- Qatar's political economy : a classic rentier state? -- The emir and the exercise of authority in Qatar -- Conclusions : change or continuity?
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Khalīfah Ibn Ḥamad Āl Thānī · Ḥamad Ibn Khalīfah Āl Thāni · Petroleum Industry And Trade · Gas Industry · Qatar · Middle East · History · Economic Conditions · Politics And Government · Foreign Relations · Strategic Aspects
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